Art of Plating x SingleThread x Olivier Bernstein Dinner

In early October, we collaborated with The Art of Plating and winemaker Olivier Bernstein for a very special dinner in San Francisco. The Art of Plating is an international media and events company devoted to the exhibition of gastronomy as a form of high art – utilizing form, texture, and color to tell a story and evoke emotions. Feeding the food-obsessed around the world through visually provocative and captivating content, we provide some of today’s most acclaimed culinary innovators the platform to share their vision, passion, artistry, and life stories. 

This beautiful 'Autumn in Sonoma' Hassun was designed by Katina and included a variety of delicious bites created by Chef Kyle. We were most honored to be included in such a beautiful event.

Upon arrival to the table, guests were welcomed with our 'Early Autumn in Sonoma' Hassun

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Art of plating 4 katina  600 0x0x1242x1535 q85
Art of plating 6 600 155x0x1087x1553 q85
Art of plating kyle 600 0x0x1242x1525 q85
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