The Makers

Here at SingleThread we are absolutely honored to partner with many incredible craftsmen and makers. This month we'd like to celebrate the fabulously talented Justine Kahn and her team at Botnia, a science-based skin care remedy.

Part esthetician, part farmer, and part mad scientist; Justine creates organic natural botanicals and extracts for your skin.

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Geranium, Goldenseal, Lavender, Rose, Witch Hazel, and Arnica are just a few of the key ingredients Justine farms and forages to help make her remedies. 


All of her products are sourced from her micro-farm in Sausalito and other local farms in the area including SingleThread. We are thrilled to have her mask, face wash, face cream, and hand soap in our inn rooms and restaurant bathrooms.  We continue to be in awe of Justine and her Botnia team.

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