The word Kaizen translates roughly to 'Good Change.' Kaizen is a philosophy that calls for people and their teams to experience ongoing improvement at every level. By focusing on small, incremental change rather than dramatic innovation, Kaizen seeks to build effective and efficient processes and quality outputs. The team at Singlethread has adopted this philosophy through constant attention to even the smallest of details; from personal goals to daily routines, everything is looked upon as something that can be improved. Every month, the staff elects someone who has shown the true characteristics of Kaizen. 


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This month the SingleThread Kaizen Award goes to our entire farm team.  "Kaizen - whether it’s acknowledged or not is a major factor in any farmer's life. The constant pursuit of betterment in your practices and awareness of the smallest details can make all the difference. Working intimately with the soil brings new challenges and opportunities everyday. These challenges can be harrowing, but they are the stepping stones to a greater understanding and appreciation of the power and beauty that nature holds." 

Photo Credit: Heather Lockwood

(Not pictured here is Farmer Johnny Wilson)