The word Kaizen translates roughly to 'Good Change.' Kaizen is a philosophy that calls for people and their teams to experience ongoing improvement at every level. By focusing on small, incremental change rather than dramatic innovation, Kaizen seeks to build effective and efficient processes and quality outputs. The team at Singlethread has adopted this philosophy through constant attention to even the smallest of details; from personal goals to daily routines, everything is looked upon as something that can be improved. Every month, the staff elects someone who has shown the true characteristics of Kaizen. 


Image of Kaizen Winner

Kaizen Award Winner: Morgan Wiley, photographed by Heather Lockwood

To me, "Kaizen" means reflecting on what "good change" is for both myself and, more importantly, my community. Learning to execute tasks more precisely, consider opportunities more creatively, and influence my environment more positively than the day before are pillars of my personal commitment to growth; however, the heart of "Kaizen" in my eyes is the uplifting of others around me to achieve team-based success. On a daily basis, I try to understand the challenges and goals of my teammates - in the kitchen as well as in service, floral, and farm - so I can better help them tackle those challenges and reach those goals. Sometimes the help is a smile at the right time, and others the help needed is a much more grueling (and messy!) process. But at the end of each day, if I learned something new about something a teammate does to make the collective SingleThread experience and community special - and if I supported them in doing so - then I feel committed to the ethos of "Kaizen."